This is the last chance to get the textures you want because the texture club is shutting down permanently on March 5th.

I’m sorry to all the members that have supported the site for years, but the site just don’t pay for itself and it is in need of some serious and costly updates, so it’s just not worth it for me to run it anymore.

I’m not going to do any discounts on the last few days because if I go any lower Paypal basically takes it all in fees, and it’s still pretty inexpensive you just have to download what you want in a shorter time.

So if you buy a monthly membership, you will just get one week to download the textures you want.

And of cause, the texture collections are still available here
where each collection contains 100 of the most popular textures in each of these categories; metal, concrete, brick wall and wood.

So that’s it, get it while you can.

And thank you for all your support thru the years.

Jan Knutsen